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Bahamas Underground Side Mount Diver Courses


The Side Mount Diver course is three days, with the first day for lecture, equipment set up and one confined water session.  The next two days are for skills development and 4 more cave dives.  Course standards require that only two students in the water with an instructor at one time.  Also, the caves here are extremely decorated and fragile, so even when I am guiding, I only accommodate two divers in the water at once.


Course tuition is $1100 US and includes lectures, dives, pick up and drop off at your hotel each day, transportation to and from the dive sites each day, cooler with ice and bottled water, equipment storage (wet or dry) for the duration of your diving with me.


If you are interested in a Razor Basic Side Mount Course, then please let me know as there are different standards, schedule and pricing for this course.


Price for side mount diver training does not include cylinder or other rental equipment, oxygen or nitrox fills, training materials, certification fees, fuel surcharge.


Prerequisites for this course are:


50 dives after full cave certification.


Nitrox Diver Certification (Mandatory)


Advanced Nitrox Diver or some type of formal staged decompression diving course such as Technical Diver etc. (Suggested)


Required training manual for this course is:  Side Mount Profiles by Brian Kakuk and Jill Heinerth available





You will definitely be exposed to extended bottom times and some decompression diving during your cave training with me here. These prerequisite courses will make your transition into side mount diving much more enjoyable and less stressful.


I can certify through either IANTD, NSS-CDS or NACD.


If additional dives are required to meet training standards, or if you would like to stay and use your new found skills in our awesome caves, then the additional days are billed at guided diving rates:


1 diver, 1 dive per day(half day): $225


1 diver, 2 dives per day(full day):$350


2 divers, 1 OR 2 dives per day):$225 per person for the day.