Bahamas Underground

Bahamas Technical and Cave Diving Adventure and Training Facility

Bahamas Underground supports Closed Circuit Diving. 
The caves of Abaco are the perfect place for CCR diving. We provide:
Intersorb 812
100% Medical Grate Oxygen Fills to 3000 PSI/200 bar
Rental 2 and 3 liter dilluent and oxygen cylinders for CCR's
Rental 2 liter inconel spheres for side mount CCR
Rental CCR's for training or try-dives (KISS Sidekick side mounted CCR's)
Steramine breathing loop disinfectant
Bailout Cylinders (various sizes and capacities)

KISS Sidekick CCR
We offer training on the KISS Sidekick CCR.  This exceptional side mounted CCR has been used extensively for cave exploration around the world. The "Keep it simple" concept makes this unit the perfect cave exploration machine. 
Courses can be for the new CCR Diver with at least 50 open circuit side mount dives. Divers already certified in CCR with other units can take a cross over course, again with a minimum of 50 open circuit side mount dives. 
We have several KISS Sidekick CCR's at our facility for rent or try-dives.
We will soon be able to offer renals and instruction on the KISS Sidewinder CCR as well. Please check back over the next few months for the updates on this very popular side mount CCR
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