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Brian has participated in world class expeditions in the Bahamas, United States, Mexico, Australia, Bermuda, Christmas Island (Indian Ocean),  since the early 90's.  He has helped teams push the barriers of several world record caves, while at the same time assisting in proving new technologies for both diving and mapping of underwater cave systems.  Some of these expeditions include:

Guardian Blue Hole, 1994, Andros Island, Bahamas: Brian's solo exploration of this deep fracture cave system established Guardian Blue Hole as the second deepest blue hole in the world at that time, at a depth of 436 feet and a distance of 1200 feet from the entrance.

Ejido Jacinto Pat Project 1996, Quintanna Roo, Mexico: Part of a team of explorers who pushed the Dos Ojos cave system further into the Yucatan jungle. A cave system named Maco's Marvels was connected to the Dos Ojos System during this expedition, adding 40,000 feet to the cave, making Dos Ojos the longest underwater cave in the world at that time.

Wakulla II Project, 1997/98, Tallahassee, Florida, USA: This multi-million dollar project run by explorer Bill Stone, highlighted many of the technological breakthroughs that would be used in cave diving for the next 10 years.  Mixed gas rebreathers, hyperbaric saturation systems for decompression, 3D digital mapping systems, New High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights and new decompression algorithms were all used during the 3 month project.  The end result was a 3D virtual reality map of the Wakulla Springs cave system that is accurate to within 1 meter, for every kilometer mapped.  An unbelievable task given the cave passages generally run at depths of 280 to 310 feet and the team was working over two miles from the nearest entrance/exit.

Conch Sound Blue Hole Expedition 2001, Andros Island, Bahamas: Extended Conch Sound Blue Hole to a distance of 6, 223 feet from the entrance. Currently the longest ocean cave in the world.

Ocean Blue Hole (aka King Kong's Cavern), Bahamas 2003, Andros Island, Bahamas : What was originally started as a body recovery of two local open water divers, turned into a record for the second deepest blue hole in the world, when a depth of 472 feet was reached at this site during the search. The bottom of the cave was not reached and the bodies of the two divers were never found.

Devil's Hole, Death Valley, Nevada USA (2018): Conducted research and exploration dives in the deep Devil's Hole cave system, protected by the US National Park Service and located in the Ash Meadows National Park, Brian was given permission to obtain deep water samples for Dr. Gina Mosely for her global climate change studies at the University of Innsbruck.  Brian conducted several dives, with one being to 308 feet (94 meters) as well as several other dives for Director Johnathan Bird's IMAX Dome Movie, Ancient Caves which is currently playing at IMAX and IMAX Dome theaters around the globe.  With a constant water temperature of 94 degrees, special adaptations to KISS rebreathers were made for these dives so the explorers would not over heat. 

Dean's Blue Hole Cave System, Bahamas (ongoing project): Brian has continued to explore and map the deep underwater passages associated with Dean's Blue Hole, the second deepest blue hole on earth and the deepest blue hole and cave in the Bahamas. He has mapped several thousand feet of the extensive cave passages that run off of the sides of the blue hole at a depth of 150 feet. You can see the results of the exploration on the Bahamas Caves Research Foundation exploration website HERE.

The Wakulla 2 Mapping Project
Ejico Jacinto Pat Expedition
Conch Sound Project, Andros, Bahamas